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Preschool and Daycare in McKinney, Texas

Welcome to the website of Stonebridge Academy, A well-known preschool and daycare in McKenney, Texas. If you are a parent and looking for the best daycare near you then you are at the right place. There are so many daycares in Mckenney, tx but we stand out by providing exceptional services to every parent who always looks for the best for their loved ones. We are a State Licenced childcare facility having many certified caregivers for your champs and we follow all major guidelines (such as background checks, drug testing, and reference verification) that are essential for your child's safety.
Our core objective is to make your child mentally as well as physically active and healthy. We achieve this by performing various types of activities that leave a positive impact on your child’s physical health, along with that we offer an advanced learning environment for their early childhood education and elementary education which plays a vital role in their initial stage of education.
Stonebridge learning academy has grouped with some of the best daycares in Texas to provide you with the most affordable daycare prices. If you still want to know more, then schedule your visit today at the best daycare in Mckenney, that is Stonebridge Academy.

Preschool McKinney, Texas

We are feeling grateful for the interest you showed up for our school. It is a sheer pleasure to introduce you to the most loved one preschool Stone bridge Academy at McKinney. We are the authorized educational institute adapted for lovable childcare programs. Our faculty members are highly skilled and result oriented. We have set unmatched child development standers.

Supportive and Loving Daycare

We create a supporting, instructive and disciplined atmosphere during the academic season. On the other hand, we conduct fun and playful activities, especially during the summer. Stonebridge Academy gives weight to qualification. We are impartial for all the kids irrespective of religion sex and race. We have a dedicated qualified team for quality education.

Safe Childcare Centre

Providing a safe and caring atmosphere is our topmost priority. They must be attached to school like a home where they learn while growing up. Academic and personal growth go hand in hand. Therefore, we focus on children's overall growth. Our childcare programs have been designed for children's social, academic, logical and emotional development.

Life-Long Foundation

We have a lot to offer to the parents and the educational society. We strongly believe that our students take inspiration from others and create their own paths. They become leaders than followers. Our children become proud citizens of the nation. Stone Bridge Academy believes in transparency. We welcome you and highly appreciate it if, you to pay a visit to the school's infrastructure look-over.

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Our Programs

Academic programs in a nurturing environment

Stone Bridge Academy provides a higher learning experience in a relaxed and healthy atmosphere that fosters creativity and growth.

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18 Months-3 Years


4-5 Years


5-12 Years


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