Facilities & Amenities

Security With CCTV Monitering

The place is furnished with the best in world-class hand geometry security system and twofold access control passage framework for teachers. Shut Circuit Monitoring System We have invested a lot in our security system. The Stonebridge academy premises are all-time secured with a closed-circuit monitoring system. Only make sure that authorized and permitted individuals enter our school.

Computer Lab With Internet

PC lab with the internet facility. The students are free to chat, communicate their concern and become friends with like-minded kids who study in our sister schools all over the world.

3 Large Playground Areas

Your kid will appreciate three enormous play area regions that are furnished with the most recent age-proper sports goods. Different exercises incorporate a tennis court, b-ball court, soccer field and an outing territory for guardians to visit and watch while their kids are playing.


Stonebridge Academy gives an efficient and organized atmosphere. Kids in our preschool and kindergarten wear similar clothes. The staff members also like wearing uniforms. Therefore, no discrimination at all. Uniform reduces the cost involved in purchasing the expensive clothes.