Meet Our Staff

Well-Educated Staff Members

The place is furnished with the best in world-class hand geometry security system and twofold access control passage framework for teachers. PC lab with the internet facility. The students are free to chat, communicate their concern and become friends with like-minded kids who study in our sister schools all over the world.

Trained Staff

The Stonebridge Academy staff members are brilliant in their approach. They are trained in particular ways. In addition to that, they are sensible enough to understand what course of action should be taken for the continuous improvement. It is our duty that children never lose their eagerness for neverending learning.

Texas State Education Standards

We follow the recommendation from the Texas State education Standards. Therefore, we have more staff members than the minimum required number of teachers. That improves the interaction between children and teachers. Children get personal attention from teachers.


Our teachers hold degrees and certified from the recognized educational institute who are professionals and dedicated to children's overall social academic and behavioral development.