Our Preschool At McKinney

Stonebridge Academy Picture

We are one of the leading daycare service providers in McKinney, Texas. We are armed with all the quintessential childcare services. In addition to that our preschool conducts some intellectual child-care development programs. Since every child is different, therefore our staff members have adopted a different way to bring them up. We categorize child care development programs into the different age groups starting six-month-old infant to 12-year-old children.
We create a supporting, instructive and disciplined atmosphere during the academic season. On the other hand, we conduct fun and playful activities, especially during the summer. Stonebridge Academy gives weight to qualification. We are impartial for all the kids irrespective of religion sex and race. We have a dedicated qualified team for quality education.
Providing a safe and caring atmosphere is our topmost priority. They must be attached to school like a home where they learn while growing up. Academic and personal growth go hand in hand. Therefore, we focus on children's overall growth. Our childcare programs have been designed for children's social, academic, logical and emotional development.
We have a lot to offer to the parents and the educational society. We strongly believe that our students take inspiration from others and create their own paths. They become leaders than followers. Our children become proud citizens of the nation. Stone Bridge Academy believes in transparency. We welcome you and highly appreciate it if, you to pay a visit to the school's infrastructure look-over. Thank you for showing your interest and consideration towards Stone Bridge Academy.

Our Child Care Objectives

We at Stonebridge Academy, strive to meet the following goals for each & every child:

  • Loving, nurturing, and respectful care
  • Enjoyable learning
  • Development according to his/her potential and needs
  • Independence and Strength
  • Attainment of self discipline
  • Creativity
  • Love for knowledge and work
  • Ability to express thoughts and feelings