Our program features the following

Academic Programs
  • Infant Program : 6 weeks - 17 months
  • Pre-school Program : 18 months - 3 years
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten Program : 4 - 5 years
  • Before & After School Program : 5 - 12 years

Enrichment programs
  • Computer Classes
  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • Art

Extra Curricular Programs
  • Cheerleading
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance (Ballet & Tap)
  • Gymnastics

Summer Programs
From June thru August we offer a variety of exciting summer fun and academic enrichment programs with field trips to Aquariums, Museum of Nature & Science, and much more. Each week unique themes include fun filled activites such as art, music, science, history, cooking, sports and physical fitness,etc.

Fantastic Curriculum
We are equipped with the latest educational classroom amenities to make it easier for teachers to teach the A Beka Curriculum. Stonebridge Academy's unique thematic and Touch Math curriculum are designed to develop the "total child" through programs like hands-on computer experience, learning a foreign language, and developmentally stimulating programs and activities for all students.

Computer Lab With Internet
Our Students will be able to communicate and exchange ideas with our sister schools around the world. Our onsite computer instructor is trained to instruct and challenge the students to create, explore, and formulate with the best computer system designed and set up exclusively for Stonebridge Academy.

The Stonebridge Academy curriculum is enriched with fun filled computer lessons every other day. Each of the exciting and animated lessons makes the curriculum come alive. There are more than 100 types of software to choose from. Many of them are coordinated with the lessons taught in class, so the children continue to learn while they are having fun. At Stonebridge Academy, we believe that the more senses involved in learning, the better the children will remember what they have been taught. With computer lessons, children improve their motor skills and hand-eye-coordination significantly by practicing skills such as learning to use the mouse and keyboard. Using educational programs like Jump Start and Disney Preschool, children learn basic concepts of shapes, colors, sequencing sizes, and letters of the alphabet with hands-on computer activities.

Our outstanding programs for the students include Fisher Price, Reader Rabbit, The Learning Company, Creative Wonders, and Davidson Learning Centers software that teach the children phonics, reading, math skills, and critical thinking through colorful games and activities. The trained teachers will individually determine the skill level of each student and assign the software for every class accordingly. Each of the games stimulates the children's minds and reinforces academic learning. The Stonebridge Academy's computer program is truly unique and wonderful, and children will develop and enhance their knowledge greatly.

Library / Audio Center
This center is equipped with a reading and audio library. We believe that children love to learn new things and a reading and audio book library full of delightfully illustrated books and tapes will help our children develop their language and listening skills.

Foreign Language / ESL
Our Bilingual Program enriches children with knowledge and understanding of the world today. Spanish as a second language is growing throughout our nation. Our curriculum will enable our students to be a part of this growth while acquainting them with the customs and language of other cultures.

Hello and welcome to another exciting year of music enrichment at Stonebridge Academy. Stonebridge Academy is pleased to present a program for your child that is not only great fun but also a joyful learning experience. Research has shown that music in the early years can make a profound difference for your child. Therefore, at Stonebridge Academy, we have specially designed activities and materials that contribute significantly to your child's musical, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development, while aiding language development and nurturing the ability to listen attentively.

Through this program, the stage is set for early symbolic thinking which leads to emerging literacy and writing readiness. Our goal is to use music and movement to help develop the whole child. And all the while, they're smiling, moving, laughing and having fun. Every year the children perform in the Spring Show to give you the opportunity to see how much they have learned and grown as well as showcase their talents. We look forward to the joyful sounds of children enjoying music and participating in all the many activities planned for this year!

School Age Program
Stonebridge Academy offers daily transportation to and from local elementary schools, nutritional after school snacks and group teaching and tutoring for homework. A large variety of activities are offered to the School age children to allow them time to unwind from the structured school day.